The Upcoming Concert: The Biber Requiem

Biber | Schmeltzer

The Baroque Orchestra with Ensemble Caprice and Ensemble Cecilia

The 35th season of the JBO

Bach | Handel | Telemann | Biber | Mozart | Haydn | Lully

Keti Debretzeni | David Shemer | Patrick Ayrton | Philippe Pierlot |Andrew Parrott | Matthias Maute


פסטיבל באך – הקנטטות הגדולות

January 2024

לה ביזאר – רחובות

Jerusalem | Tel Aviv | Rehovot
January 2024

לה ביזאר – תל אביב

Jerusalem | Tel Aviv | Rehovot
January 2024

לה ביזאר – ירושלים

Jerusalem | Tel Aviv | Rehovot
January 2024

La Bizarre

Jerusalem | Tel Aviv | Rehovot

בטרקלין העלמה המחוכמת

תנגנה הנערות


סיפור חורף

Haifa | Jerusalem | Tel Aviv | Rehovot

בכו, בתולות, על בת יפתח

תזמורת הבארוק ירושלים בימקא

About us

"The origin of Baroque ensembles in Israel" – this is how the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra has been described, as the first orchestra in Israel to focus on the music of the Baroque – using period instruments, performance methods and playing techniques that were common in the 17th and 18th centuries

The orchestra was founded in 1989 by the harpsichordist and conductor Prof. David Shemer, its musical director until today.

The orchestra holds concert series throughout the country: starting from its home in Jerusalem, the Culture Center in Tel Aviv, Arts Hall in Nes Ziona and also in the churches and music halls of the city of Haifa.

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"The Jewish Baroque" - "The Voice of the Soul" by K.J. Liderti (Amsterdam)

D. Buxthode - Sonata for Three, BuxWV 261 (Hamburg, 1696)

K. C. Liderti - from the Purim oratorio "Esther" (Amsterdam, 1730)

A. Corelli - Concerto Grosso No. 4 in B flat major from Opus 6 (Rome, 1712)