“Witches” Festival

Women composers, female representation in baroque music – a look at a relevant female work today – scroll down for the full program!

8 special events will be performed in various halls and sites in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, chamber and orchestral concerts – each of them will shine a spotlight on a special aspect of female creation in the mirror of the generations and will be accompanied by a conversation about a woman or the story of femininity at its center.

Combining music with activities in the fields of tangential arts, deepening the content through the use of literary products and collaborations between the artists and between researchers and intellectuals from fields such as history, gender, literature and musicology. We invite and invite the audience to join 5 fascinating and beautiful days, empowering in a creation without limits or barriers and celebrate them with us! Waiting to meet you in the halls, see you!

The festival shows

Fates - The Middle East Meets Eastern Europe
Nour Darwish - Soprano | Yana-Rachel Levi - Soprano | Gideon Brettler - Arrangements & Guitars

Tuesday, 19.9 at 20:00 – Tel Aviv: Studio Annette

Wednesday, 20.9 at 20:00 – Jerusalem: Hansen House

Nour Darwish, an Arab-Israeli singer, and Yana-Rachel Levi, a singer who had to escape Ukraine recently to settle in Israel – two singers who's two cultures are separated by thousands of kilometers. Their songs express feelings and mutual longings to the women of their birth cultures. Songs in which women bring forth love, nostalgia and motherly emotion. As the concert progresses the themes, texts and sounds, that seem far and opposite, are brought closer and at its height – fuse.
All-Women Artists Fair – Local Jerusalemite Art
Jerusalem: Terrace of the YMCA

A taste of the festival:

A quick preview!